Janet has undertaken specialist training in the field of couples counselling following the relate training model.

What is couples counselling?

Couples counselling addresses the problems arising from adult intimate relationships. The “relationship”, rather than the two individuals, is the “client”.

Signs of relationship problems may include:

  • communication breakdown
  • no longer having sex or sex causing problems
  • arguments go on with no resolution
  • violence may erupt
  • depression or other health problems recur
  • trust is eroded or broken

If any of the above apply to you, communicating and staying connected may feel impossible and when two people no longer relate, their relationship is in a crisis. This is the classic time when couples seek help. With professional help from couples counselling, new understanding can be reached or it may be that they reach a point where they feel they must separate.

How couples counselling can help:

  • Couples therapy helps deal with communication (or lack of it) and teaches couples how to communicate on different levels and communicate more effectively.
  • It helps to address issues of conflict or anger in the relationship.
  • It is also useful to look at the different ways in which partners think and to examine common thinking distortions which can greatly influence a relationship.

Counselling allows couples to focus on their relationship and give the relationship the time and attention it needs. Whether they are at a turning point in the relationship, or simply struggling with minor issues, Couples Counselling is a way of enabling choice or change or of reducing confusion. It does not involve giving advice or directing a particular course of action. Counsellors do not judge their clients in any way, they are there to offer support and to help clients understand their relationship and make sense of their issues.