Since the focus is on the relationship you will always be seen together.

1st  paid session:

  • Assessment and information gathering- enabling you to explain why you have made the appointment and what you want from counselling.
  • You will be invited to firstly talk about the background to your relationship rather than the problem- for example, how you met, length of time together, children, pets, jobs etc
  • Then you will each have a turn to say what is bothering you.
  • Hopefully by the end of the 1st session, we will have established what the relationship problem is and what the work needs to focus on.
  • Setting goals.

Subsequent sessions:

  • All sessions last 50 minutes and you will be encouraged to work alongside the therapist to bring about the desired outcomes. For better outcomes these goals are best worked on both inside and outside the sessions.
  • A review takes place every 6 sessions in order to make sure your needs are being met.
  • Where possible, the counsellor will work to a time- limited method involving 6 sessions spaced weekly. This, however is only a guideline and depends on the presenting issues and progress being made. Long term interventions are offered where appropriate.
  • Your specific requirements will always be considered and tried to be met where possible such as flexible appointment times and spacing to fit in with your needs at the time.