All consultations are conducted according to the code of ethics as laid down by the society of homeopaths and are private and confidential.

Private consultations take place by appointment only at Bridge House.

The 1st appointment may last up to 90 minutes in order that the homeopath can get as much detail as possible about your health and what you wish to gain from treatment. You will be encouraged to talk about why you want homeopathy and to give information about such things as sleep, energy, appetite, likes, dislikes, and other family medical history. The more information you can give the better. It does n`t matter what you choose to talk about- but just to be honest and “say it as it is”.I may ask questions to gain more insight into the real you and make sure your prescription is tailor- made to suit you and your exact state as opposed to another persons.After the consultation, a full analysis of your case is made so that a remedy/ies can be chosen to suit you. We aim to get your remedy to you within 1 week of consultation with directions for taking and any follow up advice as necessary.

Between appointments:

You will be advised to note any changes you experience after taking the remedy and to discuss them at the next follow up. Telephone/email advice is available at no extra cost but if the enquiry requires more than 5 minutes discussion you will be invited to have a follow up.

Follow up appointments:

Arranged for 4-8 weeks after the initial consultation depending on the remedy prescribed.They last 30-60 minutes in order to discuss what has happened since taking the remedy. You may be given the same remedy to repeat, to wait and see or to take a different one. Any decision will be fully discussed with you. Further treatment may be necessary with most people needing 4-6 visits to get the maximum benefit from therapy.

Advice re Diet/life style:

Homeopathy is not a miracle cure, and healthy eating and sensible life style -management play an essential part in building and maintaining better health.I will flag up possible obstacles to cure and recommend referrals to other professionals where necessary. If there are deep seated issues then referral to counselling, CBT or hypnotherapy may be beneficial.

What about seeing my GP:

Homeopathy is about keeping you safe at all times, and I can only do this is you keep in contact with your GP, especially for routine check ups and emergencies. Your GP can also arrange for blood tests and X-rays to be taken that may be needed or they can refer you to a specialist. A doctor can be sen as  a useful resource so that you can make your own informed choices as to the treatments you choose to access.