1st session

This will last 9o minutes. The professional hypnotherapist will gather as much information about  the issue/s you are wanting help with and your desired goals. She may collect information from the past as well as what is going on in the here and now. You will be encouraged to ask as many questions as you need to and to explore any fears and expectations around hypnotherapy.

The therapist will advise you as to what interventions may be of most benefit to you to give you the best results, but you will not be forced into any treatments you do not wish to consent to. After the information-gathering, you will be guided through a relaxation procedure and your “hypnosis suitability ” assessed.  Full hypnosis is not possible in 1 session as assessment needs to be carried out and an individualised hypnotherapy plan drawn up to meet your specific requirements.

If you are happy with the plan you will be encouraged to make a 2nd appointment.

Depending on your medical background, the therapist may need you to give your consent for her to consult with your GP/Specialist before hypnotherapy can commence.

The 2nd session

Lasting 90 minutes. You will be taken through your hypnotherapy plan and experience hypnosis. During this trance like state which you will find similar to day dreaming, your therapist will be working with you to bring positive changes in your health and well being. You will be in full control at all times and can bring yourself out of the trance at any time should you wish to do so. After you will be fully awake  and at the same time, feeling much more relaxed.  You may notice positive changes immediately or over the following few days. However, most people need between 2 and 5 sessions depending on the issues brought.

Subsequent sessions

Lasting 90 minutes. Spacing varies according to issues brought but most attend weekly for the first few. Some people attend periodically for top -up sessions.


You may be given written advice/guidelines/suggestions to help with your issue/s that you will be encouraged to read and follow. You may have some CBT exercises to supplement the hypnotherapy sessions depending on your individualised therapy plan.


It may be recommended that you have a personalised CD made which is a valuable supplement to your hypnotherapy sessions, so that you can practice in between sessions. This is tailor-made to your specific issues and must not be used by any one else other than yourself. This will incur an additional cost of £40. If it is a standard , generic CD it will cost £10.