Professional supervision

Janet is a professional Intergative Counsellor, CBT therapist, Hypno-psychotherapist, and Homeopath. She is also a fully- trained supervisor whereby she is responsible for overseeing the clinical aspects of other therapists work and developing them as practitioners. She is a member of the following professional bodies:

  • BACP: British association of counselling and psychotherapy.
  • RSHom: Registered with the society of homeopaths
  • ……

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Janet provides clinical supervision for:

  • counsellors-trainees and fully qualified practising
  • Homeopaths-trainees and fully qualified practising
  • Other health care professionals with a formal or informal counselling role.

What is supervision?

Supervision can mean lots of different things to different people, here I am referring to that best described by the following definition:

“Supervision is a joint endeavour in which a practitioner with the help of a supervisor, attends to their clients, themselves as part of their client practitioner relationships and the wider systemic context, and by so doing improves the quality of their work, transforms their client relationships, continuously develops themselves, their practice and the wider profession.” ( Hawkins & Shohet. 2012)

Aims of Supervision

The process of supervision hopes to enable the supervisee to:

  • deepen her understanding and develop new skills in relation to her professional work.
  • identify and learn how to manage any process issues such as :transference/countertransference.
  • clarify her roles, responsibilities and boundary issues and ensure she is practising in accordance with the code of ethics of the professional body she belongs to.
  •  identify her professional strengths and lesser strengths and on going training needs.
  •  develop in confidence and competence.
  •  recognise the importance of self-care in order to prevent burn-out and the recognise her limitations.