Here are just a few of the feedback comments my practice has received……

  • “To Janet, Thankyou for the help you have given me in the last few weeks. The process has been so helpful!! As one of the directors of —-, your time has been so appreciated, Mrs H.- Bolton “.
  • “Dear Janet, just wanted to say a big thankyou for helping me to get my life back on track. Being new to counselling, I have been surprised and impressed at the difference it has made to my outlook on life. I will be recommending you to my friends!  kind regards , Mrs D. – Bolton “
  • “To Janet, thankyou so much for helping me to enjoy school again, love D “.- Leigh.
  •  ” Dear Janet, when I first made the appointment I didnt think I would ever let go of the anger I felt, never mind envisage living with—– again. I was amazed how you “managed” the joint sessions we had with you and we were able to see what changes we could both make to make our marriage work again. I know we still have a lot of work to do but thankyou for giving us the skills to help our relationship rather than hinder it, Mr & Mrs s” , Bury
  •  “Dear Janet, We want to thankyou for giving us the tools tohelp change our lives. Its a wonderful gift to help make a persons life change so much. You made a difference and for that we will always be hugely grateful”. S & l Ashton-in-Makefield.
  • “A big thankyou for helping me to get my life back on track”
  • “Thankyou so much for helping me to deal with situations differently”
  • “Its been a long journey and hard work at times but you have enabled me to become a much stronger and better person for it, thankyou so much!”
  • “Your energy is so infectious and has helped me to raise my spirits and see the positives in life- thankyou”
  • “Wow- with the help of CBT, I managed to control my binge eating- its been so helpful”
  •  ” Rapid- rewind has helped me to let go of the trauma and move on with my life”
  • “Mindfulness has been a great tool to keep me in a safe place- it gives me control back- which I desperately need at times”

Homeopathy feedback:

  • “No more eczema- hooray!”
  • “My IBS- type symptoms have virtually gone- its amazing!”
  • “My 15 month old daughters food allergies are now under control and she is enjoying food again- I can`t thank you enough!”
  • “PMT was ruining my life, whereas with homeopathy, I can be more myself and less of the demon I was before”
  • “I was able to eventually wean myself off anti anxiety medication which I had been taking for over 20 years with homeopathy and Janet`s ongoing support and encouragement- thankyou!”